Simple means easy to learn

Info about reef tanks isn’t hard to find, but that’s part of the problem.

If you go out searching for info on the reefkeeping hobby, you’ll realize that some info is really old – like over 20 years old. Things have changed a lot over the last few decades. What this means is the info you find can not only be outdated, but full of repeated questions, broken links and missing photos. There is some good content out there, but for the most part it’s just too spread out. You can read forums, and learn a lot, but you’ll mostly just scroll through a bunch or irrelevant comments. Forums are also very time consuming vs. the value they provide.

This website aims to teach the best methods of setting up a reef aquarium. I try to organize things into a series of guides. By reading the guides, you will hopefully understand the concepts and avoid many of the frustrations that people experience when designing and testing these complex systems. Allowing people to “Get it right from the start” is what I work towards.

Who this site is for:

It is targeted for someone who knows a little about the hobby, but needs help in setting up their next tank. I want the site to be interesting to read no matter what your experience level is in the hobby.

Right now this site’s focus is on system design, equipment, and plumbing. There is a lot to explain there and my own time is limited so that is where the focus will remain.

How I write this site:

  • Try to explain something and draw it out
  • See how it’s received – through comments, emails I get, and what people are discussing on the web
  • Re-writing sections to make things easier to read and understand
  • Figuring out what illustrations to create
  • Making decisions about how to best use my own time to focus on the most valuable content
  • Repeating the process

About the site

I am glad to provide the site as 100% Ad free for now, but that might change. I really like having a website that provides the best content, without clutter.


Undersea Photo in header – Credit: Flickr User – Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble